Noricum String Quartet of the Salzburg Philharmonic

The Noricum String Quartet (2016-2021 under the name "Goya Quartet") was founded in 2016 by four young musicians who met while studying at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. Born in Lithuania, Austria, Belarus and Brazil, they combine a wide range of different styles of interpretation due to their different countries of origin, backgrounds, schools and techniques. Through thinking, working and performing together, these young musicians find different ways to combine their skills to create exciting programs and unique interpretations.

Despite the focus on classical music, the quartet is looking for new shores and challenges to expand their knowledge and Möopportunities to further deepen and participate in special projects, workshops and festivals - from baroque to modern, jazz, pop and electronic music.

The Noricum String Quartet played at the Salzburg Chamber Music Festival, among others, at the EröOpening of the Salzburg Festival in collaboration with the composer Wolfgang Rihm and at various locations across Europe, including in collaboration with the ORF and LRT.

Musicians: 4
instruments: two violins, viola, cello
Genre: Classical music, salon music, film music

For more information about the ensemble please contact Julia Mortelmaier. Thank you so much!