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Legal Notice

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Philharmonic Salzburg
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Donation registration number Austria
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German donation account: "Friends of the Philharmonic Salzburg"

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Phone + 43 660 1416474

Clerk: MMMag. Elisabeth Fox
Managing Director: Mag. Manuela Reichert

Information according to § 5 E-Commerce Law
Imprint according to § 24, 25 Media Law
Explanation of the authoritative direction of this periodic medium

With the publication of this homepage, the aim is to inform a broad public about the visions, the history, and the current projects of the Philharmonie Salzburg, as well as to provide further information about the acquisition of concert tickets. Current events of the Philharmonie Salzburg are advertised on this homepage.

The association whose activity is not for profit has the following purpose:

> Care and mediation of orchestral music of any kind, as well as joint development of orchestral works, taking into account the experience and musical perspective of each individual musician.
> Promotion of orchestral music, especially for young musicians
> Promotion of young, musical talents who should get the chance to perform as a soloist or to be performed
> Maintenance and mediation of chamber music of all kinds
> Performing and teaching classical music for young people
> Presentation and mediation of classical music for socially disadvantaged, sick and old people
> Presentation and communication of classical music as well as the sociological orchestral structure for companies and other institutions with regard to parallels between orchestra and company.

Further information:

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In order to improve the readability of the texts, we either chose the male or female form of personal nouns. This in no way implies a discrimination of the opposite sex. Women and men may feel equally attracted to the content of our website. Thank you for your understanding.

Photo Proof

Unless otherwise stated, all photos are by Erika Mayer.

Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The terms and conditions unfold their legal effect between the visitors of events of the Philharmonie Salzburg. Its scope extends to performances that are organized by the Philharmonie Salzburg itself, as well as to all performances for which the Philharmonie Salzburg merely sells the tickets.

The prices quoted in all our publications apply. Exceptions are printing errors. In case of deviation, the prices announced in our ticket webshop apply.

Discounted tickets can only be purchased if the discount requirements are met and also proven (for example: by a valid ID). There is no legal claim to discounted cards, to certain cards or groups of seats. The discounted tickets are limited to one person per person. Discounts can not be accumulated. In the case of unjustified claiming of a discount, the difference can be levied on the full ticket price or the visitor of the presentation can be expelled. The purchase price will not be refunded in the second case.

2.1. Youth cards for pupils and students
Students and students until the completed 26. For all in-house concerts of the Philharmonie Salzburg, reduced tickets are available for the price of EUR 12, - (subject to availability), events in the Salzburgarena as well as anniversary concerts are excluded. The purchase must be made personally on presentation of a valid ID at the day or evening box office of the respective event or the purchase is also possible in the ticket shop at

2.2. Wheelchair
By appointment, wheelchair places with a reduction of 50% can be made available at the normal price. The allocation of the wheelchair places follows the priority principle.

You can obtain information about purchasing cards from Monday through Friday, from 9.00 to 16.00 via telephone + 43 650 517 20 30, and by e-mail to as well as 24 hours, 24 hours a day online via the ticket shop on as well as at the day or evening box office of the respective event from 1h before the start of the performance.

3.1. pay
By telephone order: The invoice will be sent to you, the ABO cards will be sent after receipt of payment. A processing fee of EUR 5,00 will be charged.
When ordering by e-mail: The invoice will be sent to you, the ABO cards will be sent after receipt of payment. A processing fee of EUR 5,00 will be charged.
When ordering in the ticket shop on Payment by credit card or bank transfer. Here no processing fee is charged.

3.2 Expiration of unpaid cards
The right to ordered tickets that have not been paid up to one week before the beginning of the event (ie credit to the Philharmonie Salzburg account or confirmation of the amount by the credit card company) will be forfeited.

3.3 Exclusion of postal delivery
From two weeks before the start of the event, tickets can no longer be sent by post but can only be purchased in the ticket shop or at the box office.

3.4 card loss
For a processing fee in the amount of EUR 5,00 per reprint, a duplicate can be created if the card is lost. The original card loses its validity.

It is the responsibility of the card purchaser to check the details on the ticket. If you have any errors, please contact the staff of the Philharmonie Salzburg immediately. Subsequent complaints can no longer be considered.

The ticket shop on offers the possibility to select a desired seat directly on the basis of the hall plan. Thereafter, the registration takes place as an already registered user or the registration as a new user. When purchasing regular tickets, the ticket will be sent by e-mail upon receipt of your payment.
The ticket must be printed and brought to the event and presented to the ushers on request or presented on the smartphone via mobile ticket or pdf. The print of the barcode on the ticket must be flawless. Copying and modifying the printed ticket is prohibited. Printed tickets are excluded from exchange and return. Payment in the ticket shop is only possible by credit card or bank transfer. The online payment is processed via the partner company Stripe by means of secure data transmission (SSL). The Salzburg Philharmonic accepts no liability for damage caused by criminal activities or manipulation by third parties.

Subscription renewals can also be completed by phone, e-mail and online ticket shop.

5.1. existing subscribers
For existing subscription customers, we have already set up an account at or and deposited your subscription accordingly. We offer 2 convenient options.
1. Log in at or and renew your subscription yourself without additional processing fees. The tickets are automatically sent to you by e-mail and can either be printed out or saved to your smartphone as a PDF.
2. Register by e-mail ( or or by phone + 43 650 517 2030. The invoice will be sent to you, the ABO cards will be sent after receipt of payment, plus € 5,00 processing fee.
Philharmonic Subscribers: Your subscription will be renewed automatically, up to 30. April 2019 for the season 2019 / 20 or until 30. April 2020 for the season 2020 / 21 nothing to the contrary is announced.

5.2 transferability
You can transfer your subscription card to a third party on your behalf to attend individual events.

Redeemed cards will not be exchanged, the purchase price will not be refunded. Replacement of unused or partially used cards or lost cards will not be provided.

Changes to the cast and program as well as changes of the starting times do not entitle to the return of the tickets. If there are any changes, the Philharmonie Salzburg will do everything within a reasonable scope to inform the ticket purchaser. However, there is no entitlement to information on changes in staff and programs, as well as changes to starting times. Claims for damages due to lack of information against the Philharmonie Salzburg are therefore without object. It is the responsibility of the card purchaser to inform himself of any changes. The latest information can be found on the website of the Philharmonie Salzburg at

With the purchase of the ticket, the visitor accepts the house rules of the respective venue and submits to them. As a matter of principle, the staff of the public service of the respective venue must present the valid ticket upon request. Each valid ticket entitles you to visit the presentation described on it. Only the space indicated on the ticket may be taken. Persons may be denied access to events of the Philharmonie Salzburg, provided that they fear that they disturb the performance or harass the other visitors. Furthermore, access can be denied if persons have already disregarded the general terms and conditions in earlier performances. Visitors may be expelled from the running show if they disturb them, harass others, or have taken a seat they have not been assigned. In this case there is no refund of the ticket price. The use of mobile phones in the auditorium is prohibited. The entrainment of food and drinks in the auditorium are also not permitted. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

The production of image and sound recordings of all kinds by visitors in the auditorium is not permitted. Visitors agree that photos, audio and video recordings made for events of the Philharmonie Salzburg or the Kinderfestspiele may be used at any time and without any claim for financial compensation, and do not consider this an interference with legitimate interests of their personal rights ,

Upon reservation or order, the customer is requested to disclose his personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address). The Philharmonie Salzburg is granted the right to store this data electronically. The same rule applies to the data of subscribers to newsletters of the Philharmonie Salzburg.
The contractual partner agrees that his personal data, such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number, will be processed by Elisabeth Fuchs and / or the Philharmonie Salzburg for the purpose of business transactions, billing, internal evaluation for marketing purposes and to send advertising material for further projects and the data can be passed on to business partners for the purposes mentioned, if this is necessary for business transactions.

The publications of the Philharmonie Salzburg each have an imprint. The use of the texts and illustrations contained therein - even in excerpts - is permitted only with the express permission of the Philharmonie Salzburg. The Philharmonie Salzburg assumes no liability for any errors or inaccuracies of its homepage and print media.

The customer only has claims for damages resulting from injury to the integrity of life, body, health or from the breach of contractual main obligations, ie those whose fulfillment is necessary to achieve the purpose of the contract. Furthermore, liability is also assumed for damages that have arisen as a result of intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Philharmonie Salzburg or its legal representatives. In the case of damage caused by vicarious agents, it must be pointed out that there must be a connection with the contractually owed service in order to be able to claim for compensation.

In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, the Philharmonie Salzburg is only liable for foreseeable damage typical for the contract if this was caused negligently, unless the customer is entitled to compensation for personal injury.

The Salzburg Philharmonic does not grant any special rights of withdrawal regarding the purchase of tickets. It should also be noted that there are no statutory rights of withdrawal within the meaning of the FAGG.

These terms and conditions are governed by Austrian law. The Salzburg Philharmonic reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. Court of jurisdiction is Salzburg.

15. EU mediation
Information on online dispute resolution: Consumers have the opportunity to file complaints with the EU's online dispute resolution platform:, You can also address any complaint to the e-mail address

16. Liability for contents of this website
The Salzburg Philharmonic constantly develops the contents of this website and endeavors to provide correct and up-to-date information. Unfortunately, the Philharmonie Salzburg can not assume any liability for the correctness of all content on this website, especially for those provided by third parties. If you notice any problematic or illegal content, please contact us immediately. You will find the contact details in the imprint.

17. Liability for links on this website
The website of the Philharmonie Salzburg contains links to other websites for which the Philharmonie Salzburg is not responsible. If you notice unlawful links on this website, please contact us. You will find the contact details in the imprint.

18. COVID-19
With the purchase of a card, you undertake to comply with the current Corona preventive measures for events by the Federal Ministry. Available at:
At the current time this means: a distance rule of min. 1 meter, a fixed allocation of seats and a mask requirement throughout the building and during the concert. Furthermore, written instructions and the instructions by the staff must be followed. The Philharmonie Salzburg and the Children's Festival will be held harmless in the event of COVID 19 disease

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the internet presence of (Site operator: Philharmonie Salzburg, see imprint). This Privacy Policy clarifies the visitors to this website about the nature, scope and purpose of the data collection and their use.

Of course, we treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the currently applicable data protection regulations and only as stated in this privacy statement.

1. Responsible for data processing

Philharmonie Salzburg, Moosstraße 86, 5020 Salzburg
Phone: + 43 660 1416474 | E-Mail:

2. Collection / storage of personal data and type / purpose of their use

a) When visiting pages of this website
As soon as you visit / visit pages of the website of, your internet browser, which you use, automatically transmits data to our web server. These include: the IP address of your machine, the name and URL of the file retrieved, the date and time of the request with access status (for example, "File Transfer" or "File Not Found"), and the website from which the access was made (Referrer URL), the web browser you use, including the operating system you are using, and the name of your access provider. There is no link with other personal data that we may have stored by you and / or other data sources.

The processing of this data is exclusively for the following purposes:

  • ensuring a smooth connection establishment of the Internet presence
  • the guarantee of a comfortable use of this internet presence
  • the evaluation of system security and stability
  • for further administrative purposes

The legal basis for the data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. f DSGVO. Our legitimate interest follows from the data collection purposes listed above.

b) When contacting us by e-mail
You can contact us via the e-mail address indicated on our website. Your used e-mail address will be automatically transferred to us. In addition, you may voluntarily submit further information to us via this e-mail message.

The data processing for the purpose of contacting us takes place in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. a DSGVO based on your voluntarily granted consent. These data will be deleted automatically after completion of the request you have made.

In your own interest, however, we point out that data transmissions via the Internet (eg just such correspondence by e-mail) can always have security holes. A complete protection of the data from access by third parties is unfortunately not possible. In the case of sensitive / personal data, we advise you to send us these by letter post.

c) When using our newsletter registration form
To increase the attractiveness of our website, we offer you the opportunity to apply for a newsletter (you can find the form under the menu item “Contact” -> “Newsletter”). As soon as you have registered for this (voluntarily), we will send you information about our offers and services to your e-mail address at irregular intervals. In order for us to be able to send you this newsletter, however, you must at least provide a valid e-mail address using the relevant application form.

The data processing for the purpose of the newsletter application takes place according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. a DSGVO - on the basis of your voluntarily granted consent.

However, we only send you the newsletters from the moment you give us your specific consent. This is done using the so-called double-opt-in procedure: After the newsletter application via the form you will first receive an information e-mail with a link. Only if you click this link in the e-mail, you agree to the future newsletter delivery - and thus the data processing in the context of this purpose - a.

The requested newsletter can be canceled at any time. Simply click on the corresponding link directly in the newsletter itself. Or you can contact us directly with a message. By unsubscribing the newsletter your e-mail address will be deleted. This is done if you have not expressly consented to the further use and use of your data. Or there is a possibility by law to continue to use the data.

The registration process for the newsletter will save your IP address as well as the time of registration (date and time). This serves to enable us to be able to identify possible misuse of your e-mail address and also to be able to understand it in as much detail as possible.

d) Data Storage Ticket Webshop

We point out that for the purpose of easier shopping and subsequent contract processing by the web shop operator in the context of cookies, the IP data of the connection owner are stored, as well as the name, address and credit card number of the buyer.

In addition, the following data will be stored by us for the purpose of the contract: name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. The data provided by you are required to fulfill the contract or to carry out pre-contractual measures. Without this data we can not conclude the contract with you. A data transmission to third parties takes place basically only in the context of business connections and for the purpose of debiting the purchase price; In addition, the transmission of the credit card data to the processing bank institutions / payment service providers, as well as to our tax advisor to fulfill our tax obligations.

After termination of the shopping process, the data stored with us will be deleted. In the case of a contract, all data from the contractual relationship are stored until the expiration of the tax retention period (7 years).

In addition, the data name, address, purchased goods and date of purchase are stored until the end of product liability (10 years). The data processing takes place on the basis of the legal regulations of the § 96 Abs 3 TKG as well as the kind 6 Abs 1 lit a (consent) and / or lit b (necessary for the fulfillment of the contract) of the DSGVO.

3. Disclosure of data

For the following purposes only, a transfer of your personal data to third parties takes place. Namely

  • if you have your according to Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. a DSGVO have given express consent to this
  • in the event that, pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. c DSGVO is a legal obligation, as well
  • if permitted by law and in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. b DSGVO is required for the settlement of contractual relationships with you

4. Use of cookies

This website uses cookies. These are small text files that your browser automatically creates. These are then stored on your used device, with which you visit our website (eg computer, laptop / notebook, tablet, smartphone). These small files do not harm your device. Rather, in these small files information is stored, each resulting from the device you use, so that we can make the visit to our website for you even better, more attractive and enjoyable. Essentially, we use so-called "session cookies" on this website. These will be automatically deleted after your visit to our website (or after closing your Internet browser). Some other cookies, which (possibly longer) remain on your device, ensure, for example, that your browser and the settings you may have made are recognized (temporary cookies). You can manually delete these cookies yourself or at any time, or delete them automatically if necessary after some time. If, in addition, cookies from co-operation or advertising partners are used by us (which, of course, are also stored on the device you are using), we will inform you separately in this data protection declaration with the corresponding information about these companies.

All these measures in the form of set cookies are always about creating and maintaining a high level of user-friendliness on our website. The extent to which the collection and processing of user information by such cookies is very different depending on the cookie. This user information includes, among other things, the data on the browser used, its location and the IP address transmitted by it.

Whenever personal data is processed with the help of certain cookies, this processing in the sense of Article 6 para. 1 according to f DSGVO takes place in order to maintain our legitimate interests in a maximum pleasant and attractive visit to our website and at the same time a maximum good functionality of the internet presence.

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can set your browser so that no cookies are stored on your used device or alternatively always a hint appears before a new cookie is created (whose acceptance you can manually and individually refuse using your Internet browser). Likewise, a complete deactivation of cookies in the Internet browser used, but this could possibly limit the functionality of our website. You can read how this works in each case under "Help" or in the help menu of your internet browser.

5. Using Google Fonts (Web Fonts)

For the purpose of achieving a uniform and attractive representation of fonts, this Internet presence uses so-called Web Fonts. The interest behind this is to be regarded as entitled in the sense of § 6 para. 1 according to f DSGVO. If your Internet browser does not support web fonts, your browser will display a default font instead.

These web fonts we use are provided by "Google" (Google LLC., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). To fulfill the purpose, the Internet browser you use will automatically connect to Google's servers (in the US). As a result, "Google" gains knowledge and also information that our website has been called up via your IP address.

"Google" is certified for the US-European Data Protection Convention called "Privacy Shield". This agreement ensures compliance with the level of data protection that applies in the EU.

You can find detailed information about the terms of use and privacy of "Google" here: or the topic web fonts concerning here:

6. Use of Google Analytics

In order to guarantee the constant optimization of our Internet presence and to offer the visitors an appropriate design and structure of the sides, we use tracking measures of the offerer "Google" in form of the Internet analysis service "Google Analytics".

The advertising purpose behind it is to be regarded as legitimate interest in the sense of article 6 para. 1 according to f DSGVO.

"Google Analytics" is operated by: Google LLC. ("Google"), located at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 (USA). "Google" is certified for the US-European Data Protection Convention called "Privacy Shield". This agreement ensures compliance with the level of data protection that applies in the EU.

Through the use of this service, pseudonymised user profiles are created and cookies are set (for further information see point 4 of this privacy policy). Among other things, these contain information about: the Internet browser type used (including version), the operating system used, the referrer URL (ie the page you have previously visited), the host name of the accessing computer (IP address), the Time of the server request. These data are transmitted to a server of "Google" (in the US) and processed there and stored. The information will be used to evaluate the use of our website, to compile reports on the website activity and to provide other related to the use of the website and the Internet related services for the purpose of market research and custom design of this website. This information may also be transferred to third parties if required by law or if third parties process this data in the order. Under no circumstances will your IP address be merged with other "Google" data. The IP addresses are anonymized, so that an assignment is not possible (so-called "IP masking").

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can set your browser so that no cookies are stored on your used device or alternatively always a hint appears before a new cookie is created (whose acceptance you can manually and individually refuse using your Internet browser). Likewise, a complete deactivation of cookies in the Internet browser used, but this could possibly limit the functionality of our website. How this works, you can read under "Help" or in the Help menu of your Internet browser used. In addition, you can prevent this data collection (and subsequent processing) by cookies by downloading and installing a so-called browser add-on.

Help and information can be found here:

7. affected rights

You have the right:

  • in accordance with Art. 15 DSGVO, to request information about your personal data processed by us. In particular, you may provide information about the processing purposes, the category of personal data, the categories of recipients to whom your data has been disclosed, the planned retention period, the right of rectification, deletion, limitation of processing or opposition, the existence of a The right to complain, the source of your data, if it was not collected from us, and the existence of automated decision-making including profiling and, where appropriate, meaningful information about their details;
  • in accordance with Art. 16 DSGVO, immediately demand the correction of incorrect or completed personal data stored with us;
  • in accordance with Art. 17 DSGVO, to request the deletion of your personal data stored by us, except where the processing is for the exercise of the right to freedom of expression and information, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or for the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims is required;
  • in accordance with Art. 18 DSGVO to demand the restriction of the processing of your personal data, as far as the accuracy of the data is disputed by you, the processing is unlawful, but you reject their deletion and we no longer need the data, but you to assert, exercise or defense of legal claims or you have objected to the processing in accordance with Art. 21 DSGVO;
  • pursuant to Art. 20 DSGVO to receive your personal data provided to us in a structured, common and machine-readable format or to request transmission to another person responsible;
  • according to Art. 7 para. 3 DSGVO your once given consent to revoke against us at any time. As a result, we are not allowed to continue the data processing based on this consent for the future and
  • according to Art. 77 DSGVO to complain to a supervisory authority. As a rule, you can contact the supervisory authority of your usual place of residence or work or our company headquarters.

8. right to

If your personal data are based on legitimate interests in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. f DSGVO are processed, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data in accordance with Art. 21 DSGVO, provided that there are reasons for this arising from your particular situation or the objection is directed against direct mail. In the latter case, you have a general right of objection, which is implemented by us without specifying any particular situation. If you want to exercise your right of revocation or objection, please send us an e-mail to:

9. data security

While you visit our website, the so-called SSL security procedure (Secure Socket Layer) always works. The level of encryption depends on your browser. Usually this is a 256-bit encryption. If your browser, which you use to access our website, does not support this, we will use an 128-bit v3 technology. Older versions of browsers, which only support much lower encryption, may not be supported by our server. We recommend that you always use the latest browser version. The fact that every single page of the website of is subject to this SSL security procedure is indicated by the key or lock symbol in the address bar of the browser used. This is closed and usually shown in the color green.

To protect your data, we take contractual, technical and organizational security measures according to the state of the art. This is to ensure that the data we manage is protected against destruction and loss (partial or total), intentional or accidental manipulation, and access by unauthorized persons.

10. Updating and changing the privacy policy

This privacy policy (as of May, May) is the current valid for the website of The current version can be downloaded from the following link: It may be necessary at any time to change this privacy policy. This can be justified by a technical / content-related further development of this website and / or the service (s) offered on it, or because of changed regulatory and / or legal requirements.

Conditions of participation Competition

General conditions of participation for Facebook competitions of the Philharmonie Salzburg - hereinafter referred to as "organizer"

1. Scope / exemption of Facebook
These terms and conditions apply to all competitions that the organizer carries out via his Facebook page at In the course of this, the organizer will only record the Facebook profile name.
The competitions on the Philharmonie Salzburg Facebook Wall are not affiliated with Facebook, Inc. or Facebook Ireland Ltd. The raffles are not sponsored, supported or organized in any way by Facebook and do not give rise to any legal claims against Facebook. All information in the context of the competitions will be provided exclusively by the Philharmonie Salzburg as the organizer.

2. Eligible / Participation
By participating in the competition, the Facebook user expressly acknowledges these general conditions of participation.
The minimum age for participation is 18 years. Employees of the Philharmonie Salzburg are excluded from participation. Participation is only possible via the personal Facebook login (your own Facebook account). If the organizer becomes aware of technical manipulations or any other violation of these conditions of participation, he will exclude the participant from the raffle. As a technical manipulation applies, inter alia, the multiple registration of a person, participation in a lottery service or similar automated collection participation services. In these cases, the profit can also be subsequently revoked and a replacement winner will be drawn.

The start of the competition is the respective release date on the Philharmonie Salzburg Facebook page. Participation is only possible until the specified draw time. For the relevant times, please refer to the details of the competition on the Philharmonie Salzburg Facebook page.
Depending on the competition, participation is possible, for example, by liking a post on the Philharmonie Salzburg Facebook page, commenting on it or writing a message to Philharmonie Salzburg as the operator of the Facebook page. In addition, the organizer sometimes also votes among the Facebook users to determine a winner's contribution, for example, "The photo with the most likes wins." By. In order to participate in such competitions, it is necessary that the participant post a photo / picture or a text on the Facebook page of the Philharmonie Salzburg. For such postings the following additional conditions apply:
The uploaded photo / picture or the posted text may not violate the rights of third parties. It may therefore only be photos / pictures or texts that the participant has specially recorded or created. In particular, photos may not portray persons who disagree with a picture for this purpose, nor portray works of third parties (architecture, art, brands, etc.) whose copyright and / or ancillary copyrights are thereby infringed and a usage permit for this purpose does not exist .Hocheladene photos / images or texts may also be unlawful or immoral content carry, for example, no pornographic, inciting, inhuman or in any way contrary to the decency of all cheap and just thinking content offending content.
In case of violations of these rules, the participant is responsible for any legal violations. The participant fully indemnifies the Philharmonie Salzburg from all claims of third parties including the necessary costs of legal defense and prosecution.
By posting the photo / image, the participant agrees that the photo / image in the Facebook photo album of the Philharmonie Salzburg will be published naming the participant's name (or the Facebook profile name).
The photo is used by us only in connection with the competition. However, the participant is aware that posted photos / pictures or texts may also be discussed and linked via the website of the Philharmonie Salzburg as well as third parties in social media (in particular Facebook).
For the use of the photo by the Philharmonie Salzburg, the participant transfers free of charge the right to multiply the photo / image temporally and spatially unlimited, spread and in electronic databases (Facebook, Google image search and all related to these media services), electronic data networks To feed and store telephone services, etc. and make it accessible to a variety of users by means of digital or other storage and transmission technology.
The organizer reserves the right not to publish photos / pictures or other postings, or to publish them only in abbreviated or modified form, as long as this does not distort the meaning or content of the statement.
Please refer to the description of the raffle on the respective wall which concrete actions are required to participate in a raffle on the Facebook page of the Philharmonie Salzburg.
Participation after the expiry of the specified date for the draw of the prize is excluded. Decisive is the electronically logged entrance to the organizer. The organizer can not be held responsible for any technical disturbances, eg any failure of the telephone network or disturbances of the servers, which prevent a timely participation.

3. Gains / profit calculation / Liability
The prize will be given in the respective raffle posting. A disbursement of the profit value in money or an exchange of the profit is impossible. The profit claim is non-transferable.

Determination / acceptance of winners: In the case of participation, the winner is determined by uploading a photo / image or posting a text, usually after the lottery procedure, if there should not be other information on the Facebook pin board for determining the winners, e.g. - the photo with the most “Likes” wins (vote among the users) - be hit. In the lottery procedure, a jury of the Salzburg Philharmonic, consisting of two employees of the Salzburg Philharmonic, will determine the winner from all uploaded images / photos or texts.
If it is not necessary to set one's own content for the purpose of participation, but the participation is only a contribution to "likes" or a question should be answered, the random principle decides.
The winners will be determined as soon as possible after the end of the competition and notified via Facebook.
Opening / visit times of the facilities are to be observed by the participant. Changes with regard to individual services of the event program are expressly reserved by the organizers.
The legal process is excluded.

4. liability
Profits made by cooperation partners or prize sponsors are generally not offered by the Philharmonie Salzburg in their own name, but on behalf of the prize sponsors. In such cases, the Philharmonie Salzburg is not responsible for the timely and complete distribution of the prize as well as for material or legal defects or for any insolvency of the cooperation partner / prize sponsor and the resulting consequences for the prize draw.
As far as the prize is a third party offer, the Philharmonie Salzburg as the organizer of the prize draw is not liable for non-performance or poor performance within the framework of the prizes awarded or any damage suffered by the winner on the occasion of the claim. The respective terms and conditions of the price sponsors apply. Any warranty or damage claims must be directed by the winner exclusively to the service provider / prize sponsor.
Incidentally, the Philharmonie Salzburg is liable as the organizer of the raffle only for damages in connection with the raffle, which were caused deliberately or through gross negligence by its own employees or other vicarious agents. The Salzburg Philharmonic is not liable as a raffle operator for damages due to disruptions of technical equipment, for delays or interruptions of transfers or for damages that are connected with the participation in the raffle.

Privacy Policy
As part of the raffle, personal data will be collected by the winner and any escorts.
We need this data for the purpose of processing the competition. For this purpose, in particular the name and first name, postal address and e-mail address of the persons concerned are collected, stored and used. In the event of a prize, the Philharmonie Salzburg as organizers are also entitled to publish the Facebook profile picture as well as the name of the winner (also outside of Facebook, eg on the Philharmonie Salzburg website). By participating in our Facebook Contests, each participant agrees to our privacy policy.

6. Early termination of the raffle
The organizer reserves the right to change the raffle due to unforeseen circumstances without advance notice regarding the raffle components, cancel the raffle or terminate the raffle. The latter applies in particular if errors of the software and / or hardware occur and / or other technical and / or legal reasons affect the regular and proper implementation of the competition or make impossible.

7. Others
The raffle is subject exclusively to the law of the Republic of Austria. Should one or more of the above clauses be or become wholly or partially void, ineffective or unenforceable, the remaining terms shall remain in effect. It is replaced by a valid clause. The same applies in the event of a regulatory gap.

Terms and Conditions for the Order of Vouchers

  1.  Scope

Our general terms and conditions apply to all orders for vouchers via or, which can be found at: or https: // www.

  1.  conclusion

The article presentation on our portal is in each case a binding offer directed to the conclusion of a contract with the customer, which the customer accepts through his order. The contract for the purchase of a voucher comes about as a result of the fact that the customer first indicates during the ordering process whether a print @ home voucher or the voucher dispatch by post is desired. For mailing additional costs of EUR 5, -to. Afterwards the voucher with the desired value will be put into the shopping cart. The customer can remove the sum of all vouchers from the shopping cart - this enables the customer to recognize and rectify any input errors before submitting the order. After selecting the means of payment, entering the personal data of the customer and confirming these terms and conditions, the customer can check all entries for accuracy and possibly change again before ordering. The customer accepts the offer by pressing the button "order with payment". Following this, the customer will be sent an e-mail confirming the contract in which all relevant order data are summarized.

  1.  Voucher purchase and redemption

3.1 The purchase of vouchers via or is reserved exclusively for consumers from the age of 14 and entrepreneurs. A consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for a purpose that can not be attributed to a commercial or self-employed professional activity. The use and use of the website and the purchase of vouchers for commercial purposes (in particular the trade in and the commercial resale of vouchers) or for purposes that serve a self-employed professional activity is not permitted. The Philharmonie Salzburg / Kinderfestspiele has the right to withdraw from the contract in this case, whereby a handling fee immediately due for payment to the Philharmonie Salzburg / Kinderfestspiele in the amount of twice the contract value (voucher value) is agreed.

3.2 An order on the website can only be made in German. All relevant data must be complete and truthful.

3.3 The vouchers are not personal, ie it is only the presentation of the voucher in the redemption or the Print @ home voucher on redemption at the evening / Tageskassa necessary. You can pay online at / using the coupon code (shown on the coupon under "Code"). It is not possible to block the voucher (eg in case of loss, theft, etc.). For the unlawful redemption of a voucher, the Philharmonie Salzburg / Children's Festival can therefore assume no liability and therefore is not obliged to replace a voucher in case of loss. A cash discount of the vouchers is not possible.

  1.  Prices, payment, delivery and shipping

4.1 All prices quoted are final prices and include value-added tax or sales tax. The ordered vouchers can be paid up to an order value of EUR 300, - by bank transfer or by credit card. There is a minimum order value of EUR 5, -.

4.2 For the delivery of vouchers by Österreichische Post AG, the shipping costs of EUR 5, - stated on the portal are to be paid by the customer. In case of bank transfer, the delivery will take place after receipt of the transfer amount in the specified bank account, if paying by credit card, your order will be shipped within business hours on the same day. The delivery and postal delivery of the vouchers takes place within 5 days from receipt of payment to the address specified in the order. Deliveries are only possible to addresses within Austria. Compensation for late or failed delivery is excluded except in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Philharmonie Salzburg / Kinderfestspiele.

  1.  Withdrawal / right of withdrawal


Right of rescission

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving reasons, as long as the voucher has not yet been redeemed.

The cancellation period is 14 days from the day on which you or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, has taken possession of the vouchers.

To exercise your right of withdrawal you must contact us
Philharmonic Salzburg
Moss Road 86
5020 Salzburg
Tel .: +43 (0) 650 517 20 30 (Mon - Fri, 9:00 a.m. - 16:00 p.m.)

by means of a clear statement (eg a letter sent by post or e-mail) about your decision to withdraw from this contract.

To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is important that you send your communication concerning the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired.

Effects of cancellation

If you withdraw from this Agreement, we have repaid to you all payments received from you, including delivery charges, promptly and no later than fourteen days from the date on which we receive notice of your cancellation of this Agreement. For this repayment, we use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed with you; In no case will you be charged for this repayment fees.

We can refuse repayment until we have received the vouchers back or until you have provided evidence that you have sent the goods back, whichever is earlier. You have to send the vouchers back to us immediately and in any case no later than fourteen days from the day on which you informed us of the cancellation of this contract. The deadline is met if you send the goods before the period of fourteen days has expired.

They bear the direct costs of returning the goods.

You are only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.