Carmina Burana Cavallo in the arena of Kaltenberg Castle
Open-air concert with horse training in a unique setting

Photo © Florian Zwipf

Photo © QuadroNuevo/ René van der Voorden

QUADRO NUEVO Tango, jazz & world music
C. ORFF · Carmina Burana

More than 40 years ago, right next to the headquarters of the Wittelsbach family at Kaltenberg Castle, an arena was built for a spectacular annual knights' tournament. Carl Orff's world-famous Carmina Burana is performed against this impressive backdrop. Marvel at a synthesis of the most played classical music work and the noblest animals on earth. In keeping with the music, great horsemen and women perform quadrilles, pirouettes and caprioles with their horses.
The program is completed by the grandiose sounds of Quadro Nuevo with their passionate tangos, beguiling arabesques and melodies from old Europe.

Catherine Stolz & Joerg Thurow · Horse conception & choreography
Quadro Nuevo · Mulo Francel, DD Lowka, Andreas Hinterseher, and Chris Gall
Gloria Rehm · Soprano
John Kammler Baritone
Kevin Conners Tenor
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Tölzer boys' choir
Mendelssohn vocal ensemble
Philharmonic Salzburg

FR · 5. August 2022 · 20: 00
Arena Castle Kaltenberg, Bavaria
Expected end of the concert around 23:00. Concert with a break.

Organizer · Maps:
Arte|Musica|Poetica, Kaltenberg Castle