Family Concert · The Firebird – Stravinsky rocks!
A Russian ballet fairy tale with lots of magic and a hell dance

Photo © Alexander Schwarz / Black Foresight Photography

Image © shutterstock/ Mariya Stupak

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Prince Ivan one day catches a beautiful firebird. However, he does not have the heart to lock the magnificent animal in a cage, but gives it his freedom. As thanks, he receives a magic feather that is supposed to call the firebird for help in case of danger. Then Ivan discovers thirteen young girls in a park who are being held captive by the evil magician Kasschej. He immediately falls madly in love with the beautiful Princess Tsarevna. But when the evil magician and his companions approach, they capture Ivan. In his distress he pulls out the magic feather. Can the firebird save him?

Yvonne Moules · Princess Tsarevna
Frederic Böhle · Prince Ivan
Jasmin rituper · Firebird
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

SAT October 8, 2022 15:00 p.m. 17:00 p.m.
SUN October 9, 2022 11 a.m. 00 p.m. 13 p.m.
Great University Hall, Salzburg

Ticket prices: € 12 and € 23
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Organizer · Tickets: Children's Festival

Concert duration 60 minutes each. Concerts without a break.