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Family concerts · Beethoven for kids
Composer portrait in the anniversary year

Who was this Ludwig van Beethoven celebrating his 250th birthday this year? Who blew up all forms of his time with his compositions and whose “Ode to Joy” now serves as a hymn for the entire continent? Above all, Beethoven was a brilliant musician and composer who, despite his difficult fate of becoming deaf, wrote works that touched all listeners. Because they express man's longing for freedom and humanity.


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Frederic Böhle · Ludwig van Beethoven
Eva Hinterreithner · Nany, the housekeeper
Elias Keller · Piano student
Elisabeth Fox · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

SA · 28. November 2020 · 14: 00 · 17: 00
SO · 29. November 2020 · 11: 00 · 15: 00
Europa Hall Congress House, Salzburg

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Organizer · Tickets: Children's Festival

Each concert lasts 60 minutes.
Concerts without a break.

Photo © E. Mayer