Gulda's Cello Concerto & Mozart's Gran Partita
Lia Tang plays Gulda's Cello Concerto in the version for violin

Photo © INTERFOTO_Alamy Stock Photo

Photo © William Tang

Concerto for Cello & Wind Orchestra,
A declaration of love to the Salzkammergut, in the version for solo violin

Serenade No. 10, B flat major, Gran Partita

Friedrich Gulda's Cello Concerto, an eclectic declaration of love to the Salzkammergut, will be performed this evening in a version for solo violin. The concert itself is a truly extraordinary and very humorous composition: the solo instrument is combined with a wind band, drums and electric guitar and is an ingenious mix of folk music, jazz and classical music. In the second part of the concert, Mozart's most beautiful wind instrument will be heard: his Serenade No. 10, the Gran Partita.

Lia Tang · Solo violin
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

MO · 10. October 2022 · 19: 00
Scene, Salzburg

Customer concert of Salzburger Sparkasse
Organizer: Salzburger Sparkasse

Expected end of the concert around 21:00. Concert with a break.