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Anyone Reloaded Symphonic with Philipp Hochmair
Premiere: For the first time with orchestra in the Große Festspielhaus

"Austrian high culture meets Dresdner Ostpunks." - Philipp Hochmair

"For me, the confrontation with classical literature is a great pleasure and almost acts like a body drug. Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Everybody is so well composed, clear and important. I recommend it to everyone, because we like to forget that the clinging to the material is not the content of life. With only an hour left to die, it's time to test your faith. I think this analysis brings the piece to life for the audience, "says Philipp Hochmair, who plays all roles in his Jedermann.
2013 founded the actor with Tobias Herzz Hallbauer the band "The electric hand of God". In a rock version, they continued the Jedermann research. Now they are facing the next level with Elisabeth Fuchs and the Philharmonie Salzburg: Jedermann reloaded in an orchestral version.
A continuation of the essential and eternal questions:
What did I do meaningful things? Who am I? Why I'm here?


Two questions for the conductor and music dramatist of Jedermann Reloaded Symphonic - Elisabeth Fuchs:
How will language, music and rhythm interact in the staging?
Language has a certain musicality which can be felt and heard. Especially the sounding text of Everyman can be heard and played through like a score. That makes the piece so tangible. That would not be possible without the poetic rhythm of Hofmannsthal. Of course, music plays a very important role, because it underlines the soundscape.

Everyone reloaded with the electric hand of God is heading for rock concert. Which part does the Philharmonie Salzburg take on in the symphonic version?
Our task is to touch the music and to create reflective moments in the staging. We give the words and characters of Hofmannsthal even more profound effect through specially selected music. For example, if everyone is left alone, the "Lacrimosa" from Mozart's Requiem will sound or, if the devil appears, we will play the "Dies irae" by Giuseppe Verdi. I am particularly looking forward to the moment when we will play by Gustav Mahler the "Urlicht" with Christa Ratzenböck as a kind of incidental music for the faith. But I would not like to reveal more, it will definitely be a touching and very energetic evening!

Philipp Hochmair · Anyone, all roles
Ulrike Beimpold · Passion

Electric hand of God:
Tobias Herzz Hallbauer · Guitar
Jörg Schittkowski · Electric sound
Alwin Weber · Percussion
Hanns Clasen · Sound and Light Design

Christa Ratzenböck · mezzo-soprano
Elisabeth Fox · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

DO · 24. October 2019 · 19: 30 · Additional presentation
Big festival house, Salzburg

FR · 25. October 2019 · 19: 30 · Ausgebucht
Big festival house, Salzburg

Concert without a break
Expected end: 21: 25

Ticket prices: € 19, - to € 89, -
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