Odyssey Symphonic · Music and Reading
Homer, the world of gods and space
Great University Hall, Salzburg

"Tell me, Muse, the deeds of the man who has traveled a lot ..."
- Homer


This evening belongs to the Greek gods. Even in ancient Greece people knew about the power of music, as the myths about musicians like Orpheus or Arion prove. Frederic Böhle, who inspires young and old as a performer at the children's festival, dives deep into Greek mythology for “Odyssey Symphonic”, framed by a wide variety of orchestral pieces.

The actor and Elisabeth Fuchs present well-known and lesser-known classics that deal with the Odyssey and the most exciting goddesses. For example, Gustav Holst's “Jupiter” and “Mars” from the suite “The Planets” should not be missing, as well as selected works by Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell and Aram Chatchaturjan. Frederic Böhle recites “Polyphemus the Cyclops”, “Circe the Sorceress” (who turns Odysseus 'companions into pigs), “Scylla and Charybdis” (the sirens) and of course “Odysseus' homecoming - Revenge on the suitors” from Homer's archaic epic “The Odyssey”.

Frederic Böhle · Speakers & Actors
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

SAT April 02, 2022 19 p.m.
SO · 03. April 2022 · 18: 00
Great University Hall, Salzburg
Concert duration: approx. 90 minutes without a break.

Ticket prices: € 12 to € 59
Photo Frederic Böhle © Zaucke-25
Photo Acropolis © shuttertsock_ PNIKOL