Student concerts · Carnival of the Animals
in Mühldorf am Inn

The French composer Camille Saint-Saëns has created a hit of classical music with Carnaval of the Animals. The ringmaster is out and the animals are partying! They accept the lion's invitation to a great party. The Salzburg Philharmonic plays an age-appropriate version with interactive elements. As a souvenir, every child can take home a free CD of the animal carnival.

Jasmin rituper · Dance & Acting
Eva Hinterreithner · Acting & Singing
Moisés Irajá dos Santos · Acting & Singing
Emese Badi · Piano
Minka Popovic · Piano
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

WED June 1 & THU June 2, 2022
08:40-09:30 · 6-11-Jährige
10:05-10:55 · 3-7-Jährige
11:30-12:20 · 6-11-Jährige
Stadtsaal, Mühldorf am Inn

Concert duration 60 minutes each. Concerts without a break.
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Photo © Erika Mayer