Mosertrio of the Philharmonie Salzburg

Van Beethoven to Birdland

Old and young, tradition and revolution. The Mosertrio deals with the great upheavals in music in its program. The musicians start with Beethoven and go through classical modernism to jazz numbers. Your own compositions should not be missing.
In their program, the three musicians play with the conflict between the classical concert business and the creativity of new generations of artists. The field of tension between tradition and innovation is viewed from all sides and solutions are presented that have contributed to renewal centuries ago.
From the timeless classic Beethoven to the American composer Charles Ives to his own arrangements of numerous jazz classics. The three musicians will moderate the evening with curious facts and anecdotes and present an entertaining cross-section of the piano trio repertoire.

Musicians: 3
instruments: Violin, cello, piano
Genre: Classical, jazz, salon music

For more information about the ensemble please contact Julia Mortelmaier. Thank you so much!