The Vltava: Gentle waves and wild rapids
Children's/student concerts

In his symphonic poem, Bedřich Smetana tells the story of the course of the longest river in the Czech Republic with incomparably apt music. The musical journey begins with the springs, which audibly splash in the flutes, past a hunt in the forest with typical horn motifs, a hearty peasant wedding, the nymphs shimmering in the moonlight and the raging wild rapids, until the river finally reaches Prague.

Lisa Moon · Dance & Acting
Eva Hinterreithner · Acting & Singing
Frederic Böhle · Play
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor & Moderator
Philharmonic Salzburg

Concert duration approx. 60 minutes. Concerts without a break.


DO · 16. March 2023
09:00 3-7 year olds The Vltava
11:30 6-11 year olds The Vltava
14:00pm · 12-18 year olds · Moldova & Game of Thrones. Program music then & now

Carmen Würth Forum, Künzelsau

Organizer · Information:
Carmen Würth Forum, Künzelsau


SUN March 19, 2023 Family Concert The Vltava
16: 00 Clock

Stadtsaal, Mühldorf am Inn

Organizer · Information:
City of Mühldorf am Inn

Photo © E. Mayer