Resurrection Symphony
Elisabeth Fuchs conducts Mahler's 2nd Symphony
Large festival hall

“Why did you live?
Why did you suffer Is this all just great, awful fun?
We have to solve these questions in some way if we are to go on living. "
- Gustav Mahler



Gustav Mahler's Second Symphony should go beyond any known format and deal with the great questions of meaning. Also known as the “Resurrection Symphony”, it lets the listener understand the existential struggle of the composer in its overwhelming sound quality. The first, originally single first movement, “Todtenfeier”, was juxtaposed with the song “Urlicht” from the collection “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” and words from Klopstock's “The Resurrection” in the finale. With the processing of the ironic song “Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt” in the third movement, Mahler defended himself against a clearly Christian interpretation of the symphony and advocated spiritual openness.

The work with soloists and choir, premiered in 1895, has not lost any of its enormous effectiveness, which will fully unfold in the Great Festival Hall. “Mahler's music gets under my skin. It is so intense and full of extremes - just like life. In the fourth movement he includes the human voice for the first time in his symphonic work. Its primal light from Des Knaben Wunderhorn touches like magic! ”Enthuses conductor Elisabeth Fuchs.

G. MAHLER · Symphony No. 2 in C minor, “Resurrection Symphony”

Alina Adamski · Soprano
Vesselina Kasarova · Old
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Choir of the Philharmonie Salzburg
Philharmonic Salzburg

FR · 06. May 2022 · 19: 30
Big festival house, Salzburg
Concert duration approx. 90 minutes. Concert without a break.

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Ticket prices: € 19 to € 99

Photo hands © shutterstock_ Love You Stock
Photo E. Fuchs © Erika Mayer