Klassik am Dom · Jedermann Reloaded Symphonic

Philipp Hochmair & Die Elektrohand Gottes
With Elisabeth Fuchs & Philharmonie Salzburg 

"Our world premiere of the touching and rocking orchestral version of Jedermann Reloaded in Salzburg was a complete success. Working with Philipp Hochmair on his successful solo piece and bringing it to a new dimension is an inspiring artistic journey. The public interest in October in Salzburg was immense and the feedback after twice sold-out Festspielhaus more than positive. The continuation of the adventure by the invitation of Klassik am Dom to Linz in the summer 2020 therefore makes me very happy! "says the conductor Elisabeth Fuchs.

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Anyone Reloaded Symphonic
The world premiere of the touching and at the same time rocking orchestral version of Jedermann Reloaded Symphonic in Salzburg in autumn 2019 was a complete success. In a passionate effort, Philipp Hochmair slipped into all the roles and turned the 100-year-old mystery play into a polyphonic speech concert. His Jedermann is a rock star, driven by the guitar riffs and experimental sounds of his band Die Elektrohand Gottes. With the Salzburg Philharmonic, this celebrated Jedermann interpretation was extended to a symphonic version. When everyone is left alone by everyone, the Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem sounds, when the devil appears, the Salzburg Philharmonic plays Giuseppe Verdi's Dies irae.
Gustav Mahler's Urlicht sounds as entrance music for faith. The choice of music gives Hofmannsthal's text an even deeper effect and creates space for reflection.

Philipp Hochmair · Anyone, all roles

The Electric Hand of God:
Bastien Eifler · Percussion
Rajko Gohlke Bass
Tobias Herzz Hallbauer · Guitar
Jörg Schittkowski · Electric sound
Hanns Clasen · Sound and Light Design
Christa Ratzenboeck Mezzo soprano

Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

SA · 09. July 2022 · 20: 00
Classic at the Cathedral, Linz

Organizer · Maps: Classical at the cathedral

Estimated end of concert approx. 21:25 p.m.
Concert without a break.

Photos © E. Mayer