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Apprentice and student concerts
Classical music for teenagers

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G. ROSSINI · William Tell Overture (from Allegro Vivace)
G. ROSSINI · Una voce poco fa from “The Barber of Seville” - with Katharina Gudmundsson
S. LEVAY · I belong to myself (from Elisabeth) - with Katharina Gudmundsson
G. BIZETLes Toréadors, Habanera, Chanson du Toréador (from Carmen) - with Lisa Moon
M. RAVEL · Bolero
JF WAGNER47th Regimental March interactive, young people play music
LV BEETHOVEN · Extract from the 9. Symphony · to sing along

Katharina Gudmundsson · Singing
Lisa Moon · Dance
Elisabeth Fox · Conductor & presenter
Philharmonic Salzburg

DO · 23. April 2020 · 10: 00 · Apprentice & Student Concert
DO · 23. April 2020 · 13: 30 · Apprentice Concert
Big festival house, Salzburg
Organizer · Tickets: Salzburger Kulturvereinigung

Application for the interactive concert part please to:
Mag. Hanna Bürgschwendtner

MON27 April 2020:14 p.m.
Bruckner House Linz
Organizer. Maps: Chamber of Labor Upper Austria

Application for the interactive concert part please to:

Photo © E. Mayer