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Never give up & Berlioz 'Symphonie fantastique
Fazil Say's Cello Concerto with Leonhard Roczek

F. SAY · Cello Concerto "Never give up"
H. BERLIOZ · Symphony fantastique

"Every day you should be better than yesterday, despite everything that happens in the world." - Fazil Say

As an "outcry for freedom and peace," Fazil Say describes his cello concerto, expressing his protest against violence and terror. The cello makes the cry and the human struggle for hope audible. "Never give up" was premiered in April 2018 in Paris. The second part of the evening offers an hour of intense orchestral music, including a passionate love story: the "Symphonie fantastique" by Hector Berlioz.

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Leonhard Roczek · Cello
Elisabeth Fox · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

MI · 4. December 2019 · 19: 30
Great Hall Mozarteum, Salzburg

Ticket price: € 12, - to € 58, -
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Photos © M. Borggreve, I. Zandl