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Ping-pong and percussion meet Beethoven, Mozart & Haydn
Percussionist Georgi Varbanov and table tennis player on stage

"I'm more excited by pieces where you have to find instruments." Andy Akiho

J. HAYDN · Symphony No. 82, C major, “The Bear”
WA MOZART · Overture "Abduction from the Seraglio" goes percussion
A. AKIHO · Concerto “Ricochet” · Ping-Pong concert · Austrian premiere
L. v. BEETHOVEN · Symphony No. 5, C minor, op. 67, “Destiny Symphony”


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Joseph Haydn gave his 82nd symphony the nickname "The Bear", because in the fourth movement you can hear the melody of a bear dance. Everyone around the world knows the first four notes of Beethoven's “Fate Symphony”, often without knowing who composed it. His music inspires everyone. Percussion and ping-pong play an important role in the work of the American Andy Akiho. In addition to various percussion instruments, this contemporary work also brings a table tennis table as an instrument to the Mozarteum stage and turns the ping-pong players into percussionists.

Georgi Varbanov Percussion
Lia Tang · Solo violin
Kento Waltl & Leo Hlawa Ping pong players
Elisabeth Fox · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

Wed9 December 2020 · 19: 30
Great Hall Mozarteum, Salzburg

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Estimated end of concert approx. 21:35 p.m.
Concert with a break.

Photo © shutterstock / Vladimir Zotov, © C. Urbain