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Student concerts Carmen Würth Forum
The Vltava and film music

The Philharmonie Salzburg will perform under the direction of Conductor Elisabeth Fuchs "Die Moldau" by Bedřich Smetana in the short one-hour orchestral concert. Each concert is age-appropriate and tells the children interactively the musical journey from source origin over the Nymphentanz up to the wild rapids. Every concert-visiting child gets a CD with the Moldau and the Vltava songs home.

Elisabeth Fox · Conductor & presenter
Philharmonic Salzburg

DI · 17. March 2020
9: 00 · The Vltava · 3 to 6 yearlings
11: 30 · The Vltava · 7 to 10 yearlings
14: 00 · Program music & film music in comparison, Moldova & the Pirates of the Caribbean · 11 to 18 yearlings

Carmen Würth Forum, Künzelsau
Unfortunately the concert had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

Organizer · Information: Carmen Würth Forum, Künzelsau

Each concert lasts 60 - 75 minutes.
Concerts without a break.

Photo © E. Mayer