Family Concert · Cinderella
A musical story hour
Sergei Prokofiev's ballet for the whole family

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The fairy tale, which tells the story of the poor girl, the noble prince and a lost shoe, is widely known and loved. Sergej Prokofiev has conjured up a ballet from this material and the Salzburg Philharmonic is now bringing it to the stage musically and child-friendly with cool hip-hop numbers and elegant ballet interludes. All that remains to be said is: And if they didn't die, then they're still alive today.

Lisa Moon · Cinderella · Dance & Acting
Chris Cross · Prince · Dance & Drama
Yvonne Moules · Mother
Torsten Hermentin · Father
Elisabeth Fuchs · Conductor
Philharmonic Salzburg

SA · 7. October 2023 · 15: 00 (sold out) · 17: 00 (sold out)
SO · 8. October 2023 · 11: 00 (sold out) · 13: 00 (sold out) · 15: 00 (sold out)
Great University Hall, Salzburg
Concert duration 60 minutes each. Concerts without a break.

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SUN22 October 2023:16
Stadtsaal, Mühldorf am Inn
Concert duration 60 minutes each. Concerts without a break.

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