Concert magazine 2021/22

"Music - when it is not there, we are missing something essential." 

Get an insight into the 2021/22 season.

Concert magazine 21/22
Concert magazine 2021/22 (PDF)

Picture © i-stock_ Ivan Bajic

In terms of content, we travel to the Greek gods with Odyssey Symphonic, fly symphonically with Hans Sigl over the Alps and explore the concept of home with the SEERN. And because the music and lyrics by Gustav Mahler get under my skin so much, his resurrection symphony with the touching primal light and his powerful words "I am from God and want to go to God" in the Great Festival Hall is another highlight of the upcoming concert season.

Finally, we invite you to an experiment: can you hear the difference? From now on we will play one concert per season with instruments tuned to 432 Hertz. Because while 443 Hz music is supposed to have a stimulating effect, the 432 Hz basic mood is said to have inner calm and beneficial effects.

We look forward to seeing you!