Music lessons for children and adults with musicians from the Salzburg Philharmonic

The Salzburg Philharmonic serves as a free and non-liable network platform for the musicians and customers/friends of the Salzburg Philharmonic and the Children's Festival.


to be agreed individually
Costs for one lesson (30 min.) from € 20
Costs for an extended lesson (45 min.) from € 30
Costs for an extended lesson (60 min.) from € 40
Teaching period October to June on school days, individual arrangements possible
Class location The location of the class is to be agreed individually. Please refer to the respective profiles to find out whether the lecturer teaches at home and / or in the student's house.
Instrument The student is responsible for the organization / purchase of the instrument and all associated costs. The lecturers are happy to help with the organization.
notice period 1 Monat
Liability The Salzburg Philharmonic and its musicians are not liable for accidents before, during or after a lesson or for any damage to instruments.
Rates The fee is to be agreed individually with the respective lecturer.
Payment Payment is made directly to the teacher, the Philharmonie Salzburg receives no agency fee.
Payments are made in the first hour of each month for the entire month or by individual agreement.
No lessons School-free days are also class-free days.
Cancellation / prevention If the lecturer is unable to attend, he / she undertakes to offer a replacement date for the hour that has been lost.
If the student cancels at least one day before the lesson, an alternative date can be agreed.
If the student cancels on the day of the lesson, there is no entitlement to an alternative date.