ARHIV 2022

That was the Children & Youth Philharmonic 2022:

General information about
Children & Youth Philharmonic Salzburg

We are founding a children's and youth orchestra!
Be part of the first orchestra for children and young people
(7-17 years) of the Salzburg Philharmonic

Children & Youth Philharmonic Salzburg 2022

Children's Youth Orchestra Academy 2022

You love your instrument, like to play with friends and always wanted to play in a great orchestra? Then the Children's Youth Philharmonic Salzburg is just right for you! Don't miss the chance and become part of an extraordinary musical

We are looking for music-loving children and young people between the ages of 7 and 17 who want to take part in 2 to 3 concert projects per year. It is tested in blocks. There is a more intensive rehearsal phase two weeks before the concert date. Under the direction of conductor Elisabeth Fuchs, supervised by an experienced team of lecturers, musical experiences are gained and new friendships are made. The focus is on having fun and enjoying making music together, as well as getting to know professional rehearsals.

Violin, viola, cello and double bass, flute, clarinet

ONLINE REGISTRATION possible on this page!

Photo © Gerhild Hofer