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Big hit with the public at the Children's Festival Weeks, June 29.06.2023th, XNUMX

The orchestra musicians of the Salzburg Philharmonic have conducted 350 workshops for school classes and kindergarten groups over the past two weeks on Sergei Prokofiev's musical fairy tale "Peter and the Wolf" in Zell am See and the state capital, opening the door to the world of classical music for many children. 8.500 children were able to pick up an orchestral instrument for the first time and try it out under professional guidance.

Children's & Youth Philharmonic plays first major concert in the Salzburg Arena, June 22.06.2022, XNUMX

With great diligence and a lot of passion, almost eighty children and young people between the ages of seven and 18 have rehearsed a colorful potpourri of classical orchestral pieces, but also pop and film music with seven professional musicians from the Salzburg Philharmonic and Elisabeth Fuchs over the past six weeks.

Apprentice and student concerts in the Great Festival Hall, April 20.04.2023, XNUMX

More than 4 students and apprentices attended the concerts of the Salzburg Philharmonic in the Great Festival Hall today. The apprentice and student concerts are specially designed for young people who have had little or no contact with classical music. Elisabeth Fuchs, conductor and head of the Salzburg Philharmonic, led through the program.

Mozart's Requiem & Schumann's 4th Symphony in front of two sold-out houses, April 07.04.2023th, XNUMX

Conducted by Elisabeth Fuchs, the choir and orchestra of the Salzburg Philharmonic performed what is probably the world's most famous requiem mass with great success in the Mozarteum's Great Hall, which was twice completely sold out. Maria Bernius, Katrin Auzinger, Paul Schweinester and Johannes Wimmer shone and harmonized as the vocal soloists.

Romantic worlds of sound with Mendelssohn's "Italian" & Mozart Competition winner Joanna Kamenarska plays Schumann's Violin Concerto, March 26.03.2023, XNUMX

With the sparkling lightness of Mendelssohn's "Italian", the Salzburg Philharmonic celebrated the beginning of spring under conductor Elisabeth Fuchs last weekend in the large university auditorium. Mendelssohn is said to have felt "euphoric and intoxicated" when he set out on his Italian journeys in 1830.

Philharmonie Salzburg & Children's Festival present their concert program for the anniversary season 2023/24, March 22.03.2023, XNUMX

25 years of the Salzburg Philharmonic · It's been around for a quarter of a century now - the Salzburg Philharmonic, which has been stirring up the cultural landscape of the city of Mozart since 1998 and has long since become an integral part of the art scene in Salzburg. Founded in 1998 by Elisabeth Fuchs, who was only 22 at the time, as the “Junge Philharmonie Salzburg” (until 2011), the orchestra initially only played two concerts a year.

The pilot project for the Salzburg Children and Youth Philharmonic is being extended for the time being | Summer concert – registration now possible, March 16.03.2023, XNUMX

It is a well-known fact that conveying music is a matter close to the heart of conductor Elisabeth Fuchs. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Children's Festival 2022, another music education project of the Salzburg Philharmonic & Children's Festival was started last year at her instigation: the Salzburg Children's and Youth Philharmonic.

Great emotions with Sibelius and Mahler in the Great Hall of the Salzburg Mozarteum, March 01.03st and 02.03.2023nd, XNUMX

Jean Sibelius' Violin Concerto, whose strikingly virtuosic final movement is one of the most well-known in violin literature, still exerts a strong fascination on musicians and listeners to this day. In a concert with the Salzburg Philharmonic and Elisabeth Fuchs, the celebrated German solo violinist Alina Pogostkina was able to show in a bravura and subtle manner why she is considered one of the world's best interpreters of Sibelius.