K&K Salon Orchestra of the Philharmonie Salzburg

The K&K Salon Orchestra plays for you the most beautiful and popular compositions by the "Waltz King" Johann Strauss as well as by other composers from the splendid imperial era.

The members of the K&K Salon Orchestra have set themselves the task of offering you a program full of captivating and varied melodies.

The 6-person ensemble consists mainly of musicians from the Philharmonie Salzburg - some with very different backgrounds.
Two violins, a clarinet / saxophone, a piano, a violoncello, a double bass and, on request, the line-up can be expanded to include drums. As an absolute specialty, the K&K Salon Orchestra can also transform itself into a flawless jazz trio and, with the line-up saxophone-piano-double bass, the most diverse facets of jazz and swing music from Duke Ellington to Dave Brubeck to Glenn Miller sound authentically.

The founding impetus in 2006 was given by Elisabeth Fuchs, who occasionally does the ensemble the honor of playing on the drum set.

Musicians: 6
instruments: two violins, cello, double bass, clarinet / saxophone, piano, (drum set)
Genre: Classical, salon music, operetta, jazz

For more information about the ensemble please contact Julia Mortelmaier. Thank you so much!